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The Buddhist Temple of Cape Town
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Welcome to Cape Town

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The Dhammakaya tradition in our era started in 1916 when the Great Abbot of Wat Paknam (Phra Monkolthepmuni) strove with a determination to the degree he was prepared to devote his entire life, to rediscovering through meditation the knowledge known to the Buddhas Meditation, previously considered nothing more than a mental exercise or spiritual austerity, became popular through this masters dedication to teaching and research in the Dhammakaya tradition he has discovered. The Great Abbots most gifted disciple was a nun Khun Yay Ubasika Chandra Khonnokyoong. read more...
  The Buddhist Temple of Cape Town

  ¢ ҷͿԡѹ Ѻش #69 Ŵҹ
Description: Thai-South African #69 , Peace for Africa

  Magha Puja Day Celebration On Friday 14th February 2014
The Day to the Lord Buddha assembled with his disciple monks. You are cordially invited to join the Magha Puja Day ceremony at The Cape Town Meditation Centre.

  ԴѺѤùѡ֡֡ ֡Ҕ 2557
Ѵطऻǹ ͿԡԴѺѤùѡ֡֡ ֡Ҕ ѡٵø֡ (鹵) Шӻա֡ 2557 駷 2 ͧͧऻǹ

ԺѵԸШѹѹششѻ ͧѴطऻǹ Ϳԡ ͹ .. - ..2555

  Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony Sunday 23 October 2011 (2554 B.E.) For Building The Buddhist Temple o
Buddhist Temple of Cape Town is pleased to invite you and your family to join on Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony and the anniversary of grand opening) for the alms-givings , offering meals to 11 Thai Buddhist monks and Kathina robe offering ceremony on Sun

  Cape Town Meditation Centre Moving to new area
Cape Town Meditation Centre (CMC) is moving to Sunset Beach in this 5th May.

  How we are going to new temple?
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Cape Town Meditation Centre (Current)
49 Balers Way, Sunset Beach, Milnerton 7441, Malmesbury,
Western Cape, South Africa Postal: P.O.Box 585, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060
Tel: +27(0) 21-552-9333 Cell: +27(0) 79-379-0245 or +27(0) 72-3230060
E-Mail:capetownmeditation@hotmail.com | admin